Business automation – No more Paper

There is no bigger impact on a service business than automating major paper-based functions in the field. The enhancements to efficiency, productivity, data accuracy and collaboration have rewarded early adopters with dramatic cost savings and rapid growth.

  • streamlines business processes, establishes order, reduces human error, allows for the central management of common content and enforces business branding such as logos and layouts.
  • With increasingly strict regulatory requirements, are you confident that your Data is accurate?
  • You need to create customized, accurate documentation for customers, regulatory bodies and stakeholders – and you need to do it fast!
  • By eliminating paper forms and optimizing existing processes, A27 transforms the way you do business.
  • Automate workflows
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Create reports
  • Whether you're building a simple form or developing a complex automated workflow process A27 can help
  • Sharing data with other databases and systems is easy
  • Integration is supported through APIs, web services or specific integration components
  • it works with any mobility carrier of your choice
  • it is completely customizable to your needs and industry
  • your forms are private, no one else can see or use them
  • the app is compatible with all the latest mobile devices
  • Dispatching
  • Signature, picture & barcode capture
  • Collect authorization via signature capture right on your device using the touch screen. Add a picture to your form to provide a real image of on-site inspections, installations, audits, verifications and problem situations. Scan QR and barcodes from the device and include them right into your forms.
  • Sketch Pad   You can sketch on a blank canvas, pre-loaded image or device image. All sketches are integrated into your mobile form.
  • Offline form functionality Fill out and send forms with or without connectivity on site. Forms are auto-sent once network is restored.
  • Dispatch forms like work orders to field users via the Web Portal and avoid wasted trips back to the office.
  •  Credit card processing Accept credit card processing on your mobile device and close business transactions on the spot (North America only).
  • Fully compatible works on (almost) any device and operating system, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or on a Web browser.
  • GPS and time stamps Quick and simple location and time verification using GPS and time stamps. Confirm the location of job sites, customer visits, time of arrival and work performed.
  • External data sources Embed your business data into your mobile forms with our Data Connections options. Provide your field teams with real-time access to your office data, right into their forms (such as customer information, pricing, part numbers...)..
  •  Calculations Need an estimate? Calculate totals and get results right away. Perform calculations within forms and better confirm quotes.
  •  Advanced input controls & Skip Logic Control how you input data into your forms using dropdown lists, text fields as well as quick select features such as radio buttons, multi-selects or true/false options. Use Skip Logic to create sophisticated forms that can take specific paths, depending on answers to different field selections.
  •  Calendar integration Send an event invitation via an emailed form and enable recipients to accept and auto-schedule events into their mail calendar.
  •  Voice-to-text Dictate text right into the form using your mobile device's voice-to-text capabilities (available on iOS and Android only)
  • Analytics From the field, directly to the boardroom Feature-rich, scalable cloud infrastructure allows you to create powerful executive reports and dashboards that can be shared with company executives, business partners or customers.
  • Spot and react to business trends faster Analyze data submitted from the field, potentially revealing lucrative business trends and truths. Leverage high volumes of data quickly and respond to business process challenges/opportunities faster. Put the focus back on your core business.
  • Regulatory compliance Meet mandatory objectives and ensure complete auditability. Make certain that every business number is accounted for and that no data ever falls through the cracks again. These accurate, detailed compliance reports serve to safeguard your business.

Radioactive Material Transport

A27 Radioactive Material Transport

A27 is dedicated to the safe and secure shipping of radioactive hazmat materials meeting all CNSC security Requirements.

  • A27 Transport carries out a range of activities to assure the safe transport of radioactive materials
  • A27 Transport’s c mission is to provide safety and security during the transport of radioactive material by road
  • Our professional drivers are focused on providing a safe, compliant and high quality customer experience
  • As your partner in risk management, we invest heavily in training and safety technology to deliver superior safety performance.
  • Our hazardous material transport experts are on-call around the clock, so that you don’t have to worry about any shipment. Whether you’re shipping a small package or looking for a dedicated driving team, A27 has all of your hazmat loads covered.

Safety Consulting

A27 Safety Consulting

A27 specializes in innovating practical safety solutions to meet your company's specific HSE needs. We provide consulting, products, and services that will help your safety program become more efficient and effective with the ultimate goal of eliminating incidents.

  • Contingency Planning
  • Procedure Development
  • Safety Culture Self-Assessment
  • Field and In-House Safety Advisors
  • Safety Audit – COR & SECOR
  • Existing safety manual gap audit
  • ISNetworld ® RAVS®, ComplyWorks, PICS and CanQual We help companies achieve 100% approval.
  • Site Specific Safety Plan, Hazard assessments
  • Implement an automated solution No more Paper! Real-time information and reporting!
  • Safety Audit Pre-Qualification Help
  • Accident Investigations

Customized Safety Manual

We can assist you in creating & implementing a Health & Safety Manual to meet the submission requirements for COR or SECOR for the following associations

  • Alberta Construction Safety Association’s (ACSA), Enform, Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AASP), Alberta Corporate Human Resources, Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), Alberta Safety Council, Alberta Safety Partnerships, and Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (MHSA)
  • Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA), Enform, and Work Safe Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia Enform, BC Construction Safety Alliance, British Columbia Municipal Safety Association, Trucking Safety Council of BC.
  • All manuals will be customized for your specific needs.

Radiation Safety Consulting

A27 Radiation Safety Consulting

A27 specializes in development and maintain radiation safety programs to CNSC standards and other government standards.

  • Licensing and Regulations
  • Record Systems
  • Radiation Safety
  • Quality Control Checks
  • Leak Testing of Sealed Sources
  • Continuing Education
  • Procedure and Operations Manual
  • Facility Change and Close-out Surveys
  • Radiation Safety Committee Reporting
  • ALARA Program Development

Emergency Response Services

  • No one likes to consider the possibility of an emergency involving radioactive material. But, if ever it happens, you want someone who's been there before.
  • At A27, we've been there many times for our clients.

Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

  • Our extensive experience assures that we are always up to date on current regulations and licensing formats.
  • We can prepare any necessary radioactive material license renewal, amendment or application.

Radiation Safety Officer Services

  • A27 Can provided Temporary Radiation Safety Officer and Management Support Services to any license.

Infield servicing of radiography devices and Equipment

A27 Infield servicing of Radiography Devices and Equipment

  • On site Servicing meeting all manufactures and CNSC requirements
  • Radioactive sealed source change on site
  • Equipment maintenance programs at your site to minimise operational downtime, and ensure compliance with your systems and CNSC standards.
  • We have the ability to complete all of your Radioactive equipment repairs and servicing anywhere within western Canada
  • We ensure that your fleet history and maintenance records are available at all times, providing comprehensive reporting on servicing history and much more
  • Our technicians can be deployed 24/7 to assist in the repair of Radiography equipment, reducing downtime for our clients operating onsite. We have full site compliant service vehicles that enable us to complete onsite servicing, as well as minimising environmental impact through the correct disposal of hydrocarbon products, allowing us to leave your site as we found it. 

On site Film Digitization

A27 On site Film Digitization

  • VIDAR’s NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer offers next-generation proprietary High Definition CCD (HD-CCD) technology, and its unique ADC (Automatic Digitizer Calibration) feature on location
  • Digitized film offers advantages for your quality program and client services
  • No matter where your peer reviewers, auditors, customers and your Level 3 personnel are, they can receive the image for interpretation. 
  • Preserve the film image for eternity with no loss in image quality
  • Full traceability is integral to the system, with tamper-proof designing at each stage

Cloud Storage for NDT images

A27 Cloud Storage for NDT images

  • Radiographs can be electronically reported and archived with meta data
  • SECURE. Backed up. Comment and share your NDT Images.
  • Easily engage your customers through visual collaboration, building trusted relationships and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Improve business process accuracy and efficiency with real-time NDT Images and collaboration.
  • Reduce time spent managing large volumes of NDT Images with simple pre-capture categorization, easy upload and management.
  • Associated documents such as UT, MPI and associated images can also be archived

Third Party Safety, Radiation Safety, QA / QC audits

A27 Third Party Safety, Radiation Safety, QA / QC audits

  • an expert, third-party audits, specifically designed to help you identify safety and regulatory needs in the field or office / shop Level 3 CGSB available
  • Radiation Safety
  • OH&S
  • Why Third Party
    • Objectivity
    • Reduced Business Impact
    • Better Accuracy
    • Confidence